The Funing is the mothership of projects and companies in the domains of creativity, design, innovation and lifestyle.

 Our holdings 

Suyog Sunil Risbud aka The fun Indian guy, a creative strategy/innovation consultant, service designer, filmmaker, musician, content creator. 

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Futuring Now

An online innovation lab helping individuals, startups and corporate/brand teams innovate using our service design methods and timed audiovisual activities

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The fun Indian guy

A YouTube channel where we talk about creativity, design, innovation and lifestyle. Over 4k+ subscribers as of the beginning of 2022.

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Daily-ish pod

A podcast where we discuss our core domains with amazing minds from across the world, since 2018. 100+ episodes and counting.

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 Our collaborations 

A growing Service design inspirations & explorations articles project, which takes look at various interesting industries.